All things of this earth are sacred, with a spirit that leaves an imprint. As conscious beings, we adorn ourselves with the gifts of nature, imbuing our crafted objects with a history and a spiritual energy that comes from the Land - from the materials we harvest and from the people involved in the creation process.

We encourage a philosophy of ceremonial consciousness - to adorn the body with a sense of purpose, beauty, and responsibility. We offer full transparency, providing extensively detailed information about our pieces. By working with all-natural, certified organic or recycled materials, and by using ethical production processes, we are committed to a sustainable and holistic practice.

Our tailoring services include:

alterations, pattern drafting, cutting, & sewing

Collection Pieces:

All items from our collections are made-to-order, with flexibility in fabric and detail preferences

In addition to our tailoring services and our made-to-order collections, we operate in a collaborative sphere, working with other designers, artists, performers, retailers, and curators, to create bespoke collections that are about connection, intention and purpose, and aspire to extend beyond a consumerist fashion context.


If interested in our tailoring services, ordering from our collections, or for inquiries about any collaborative projects: